About Us

Every moment of our life is special. But again, there are times – a day or perhaps just a single breath – that we remember forever. These extraordinary moments stay with us, make us who we are, and sometimes even give meaning to our existence. Unfortunately, most of them come and go so fast, that we realize them only when they are gone.

One exception to this is your wedding. Undoubtedly, your wedding is one such celebration that you will remember for the rest of your life. This is one extraordinary event that you can plan from ahead. You may have spent months – or even years – imagining your perfect wedding: from the way you will dress up, to how the venue will be decorated, from which flowers will be used to all the other finer and intricate details. Your wedding will be unique to you and we believe this is the way your photographs should be.

As wedding photographers, we see ourselves as the storytellers of your wedding. Through our photographs, we try to capture the real story that is full of emotions, memories and atmosphere, with all its little details and moments as they unfold. And we are very aware NOT to create a fake library of over-posed images that don’t reflect you or your wedding. We want to capture the honest emotions of happiness. We want to tell the real story of joy – the story of your wedding.

Our wedding photography is a mix of contemporary styles with a relaxed and natural approach. Because often, the best photos are taken when you simply laugh, smile and enjoy the moment!

We are good because we love what we do!

We photograph weddings because we like to have fun! We are a bunch of fun loving, happy and easy going people who love to take amazing photos of people having fun and being happy. We love to soak ourselves into the joy that surrounds a wedding. At the same time, we are also well aware of the great responsibility of capturing the most special moments of your life. That’s why our mantra is simple: we are good because we love what we do!